Holderness drain Yorkshire.

This is one of the most impressive drains i have ever fished.My first 20lb pike came out of here. Ive seen other pike clocking 30lb+.Its only 9 meters wide with a depth of 5ft.Its packed full of pike after they removed a lot of them from East park lake and then put them in here.It has a lot of weed in the summer months.I found all methods work well here especially the yellow jelly lure.I found the pike here loved mackerel as the drain runs in to the river Humber giving it brackish water.The best float method by far was a paternoster rig fished just of far bank were a weed bed runs full length giving you a good place to look for pike.

Wilfholme landing river Hull, Yorkshire

The river Hull at Wilholme is a great piece of water that's free to fish and it holds a lot of pike.The pace on the river is slow with a depth of 6ft and width about 18meters wide.Every time i went there, you can guarantee someone is piking close by.My tactics for here was a paternoster rig set with a livebait for quick results.Just to the right of the picture,(not visable on this photo) is Barmston drain which runs parallel with the river and it has a good head of pike in it, to which it gives you a change.So if the river isn't fishing to good due to floods ect,you can have a bash at the drain and maybe get a pike to save the day.

Hempholme river Hull, Yorkshire

Top spot for good size pike,the width is about 18meters wide with a depth of 6ft in places.Lots of small fish hang out here making it easy to get a live bait.In this picture you can see boats this would be a good place to look for pike.I found trotting a bait down the river found pike as well as wobbling did very well in the summer months.

Aaram river Hull, Yorkshire

Only been here once chasing pike i had a few in a day nowt big but if i spent more time there i'm sure i would of got a large pike.They was a lot of small bream here giving the pike plenty to feed on.The depth here was about 6ft and width was about 20 meters wide.

South Delph Drain,Washingborough,Lincolnshire.

South Delph drain runs a long side the river Witham.Its not very wide towards town end but further away from the city center it gets wider to about 20meters and a depth of about 6feet it doesn't have much of a flow but it does contain nice pike.When i first came here i was surprised at how many pike swims they were.If your good at water craft you can spot likely swims for pike such as sunken trees concrete pillars in the water and weed beds basically any ware a pike can find some sort of cover to help it catch fish.

Brayford marina,Lincoln.

Brayford Wharf is a fair size water with an average depth of 6ft.They is a good number of small fish in this bay and in turn has produced a good number of pike.They is a couple of good tactics to use here one would be to ledger and the other i would cast a pike float out with a roach as bait and let it drift about a bit.If that would fail i would switch to wobbling(featured on pike rigs)and give it ago but only wobble when the water is clear and that goes for most venues.

Pikes Dyke runs of Brayford canal,Lincoln.

Pikes dyke not very wide 9meters and a 3foot depth not the place you would expect big pike but after chatting with other pike anglers this has produced pike at 18lb and properly in the spring big female pike will properly spawn in the shallow waters here as they was a lot of small fish here.

Brayford Canal Lincoln.

Brayford canal runs into the river Witham its about 20meters wide with an average depth of six feet. Even in winter they was still a lot of weed beds about, so for me to catch pike out of this bit of canal i used float fished roach fished just above the weed trotted down to my left, it soon got me a pike.On the other rod i set up a straight forward ledger rig(featured on pike rigs) to find the pike.I searched my swim to my right looking for holes in the weed beds, i soon found a clearing and sure enough pike found my bait which was mackerel this worked really well as pike were taking my bait every cast.I was impressed with the water.

River Hull, East Yorkshire.

River Hull is a fast flowing water and very coloured has a lot of depth averaging from 6ft to 20ft with a width of about 18 meters.It has some great sport for BIG pike which inhabits most of the river.Ive had a lot of doubles from this river with big size bream to 6lb 4oz and perch at 1lb+ and brown trout at 4lb big chub and roach with the odd rainbow trout.Places to look for is kingswood bridge,Beverly,weil bridge,top of Berverly beck and Tickton and pumping station Bransholme.

Barmston Drain, East Yorkshire.

Barmston drain not very wide its between 8 meters to 12 meters wide with an average depth of 4ft it has some very good fish.This drain gets a lot of attention around Scullcoats lane were hemp in the summer gives great bags of roach.The pike are very big,I've had pike into double figures and I've seen them at the twenty mark.There's pike,carp, tench,Rudd,BIG perch,roach,eels,bream, and I've had chub to 4lb 3oz at Dunswell.This is a hard water to catch these big species but they are there.

Brandy Wharf,River Ancholme Lincoln.

Brandy Wharf, has some great sport for pike,its about 17meters wide with a depth of around 5ft.There isn't much of a flow and all sorts of baits and lures score well.The Bottom of the river was quite clean so pop up baits i found wasn't needed a straight forward ledger rig with mackerel was OK.On the other rod i used a paternoster rig with a visible float set at half depth with roach for dead bait, got the pike.In the summer months expect a lot of boat traffic as this is a popular mooring area.

Beverly Beck Yorkshire

Beverly Beck in Yorkshire is a place i have fished all my life for all fish especially BIG pike.Its about 10ft deep and an average of 17meters wide.In the summer it has a lot of weed growth which makes it harder to present a ledgered bait.My tactics for here were always the paternoster rigs to a visible float and wobbling(SINK AND DRAW) usually found the pike.Spinners and lures do work well here especially the big S.This is a day ticket water which you can get a day ticket from the garage at the town end of the canal for about £2.70 and there's an added bonus for this water at the lock gate end of the beck,there's the river Hull,which has some very big pike.

The River Ancholme, Snitterby carr Lincolnshire.

Snitterby, on the river Ancholme has some great sport for the everyday angler especially the piker.It has a good flow on it.It can be 8ft deep in places and 20meters wide.In the winter time using jelly roach Ive took a lot of pike, i had 3 pike in one peg,one after the other on the jelly.Smelt score well including roach and mackerel.I know of pike in excess of 30lb.Pike coming out of this peg featured to the left picture are BIG,this is proberly due to the other river flowing into it and attracting a lot of small fish.

Market Weighton canal at Sandholme Bridge, Yorkshire.

Market Weighton canal varies in depth from 3ft to 6ft and 8meters to 17meters wide it is tidal as it connects with the river humber.There's a good head of silver fish in it and some very good pike.A 20lb + pike is common here, in the summer they are Lilly pads all along the edges which makes for excellent strikes off the pike as you wobble a fish past them.There's a number of tactics you can use here,but i found wobbling and ledger the best tactics for the day.Best pike bait is mackerel and roach though Ive seen lamprey score well too popped up.This is a day ticket water costing £4.50 which can be obtained from Newport newsagents.Beware after  heavy rain this place likes to flood.

River Freshney, Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire.

The river Freshney in Grimsby is one of the best places to fish for free and regularly see double figure pike in the town center.Ive seen carp to 25lb and pike to 30lb with a lot of roach and tench with big perch to 4lb+.In the town center its about 10ft deep with a lot of weed in the summer months.All methods of piking work well here.Further along the river going onto New haven Terrace,the pike sport there for some reason, it has a good head of big pike, its about 11meters wide and 3ft deep here.Using jelly roach produces great pike sport in the winter. 

River Withem, Lincoln.

This part of the river at stamp end holds a lot of small silver fish and a lot of pike into double figures.It is about 20metres wide and about 6ft deep.My favourite methods for here is paternoster rigs,I use a sunken float with a size six extra strong trebles,fox easy twist trace,barrel swivels,and 15lb main line using roach or skimmer bream for bait.Using sink and retrieve works well including spinners and lures. I have used fish from trout to mackerel they are not fussy, ledgered also works very well,beware in the winter on the Withem if its been raining heavy the river floods up to a metre and fishing becomes very hard i found the pike in here tend to go off the feed until the excess water has ran off.